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Old 04-16-2010, 06:09 AM
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Default New to the Site, New to the Lifestyle

My boy friend is a polyamorous. I honestly have no problem with people who are, I never have, I guess its just different now because I'm part of it. lol

My name is Aimee, I'm 21 from Irving, TX. I want to become a writer. Novels mainly. I write a little poetry. I just finished my first novel and am started on the second one. Its going to be a series... havent exactly decided how long I shall make it. I write for teens. My book contains vampires and werewolves... BUT THEY DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SPARKLE. lol

I've been dating my boy friend Adam for a little over a month now. We werent even suppose to be a couple. lol I met his best friend on a date chat thingy and decided to meet up. Well he had a single friend (Adam) and I had a single friend. So we decided to make it a double date. Turns out she had more in common with his best friend and I had more in common with Adam. So we switched. lol

I'm on this site mainly because... I love Adam, and I did sort of know about this when we first started really talking before we actually got together... I told him I wasnt into that sort of thing... him dating or seeing anyone else while he was with me. I kinda grew up with the whole "If he really loves you, he'll be with you and only you" thing. And I guess I'm scared that if I dont open my mind and be comfortable with this... I will lose him... and just thinking about that makes me cry...

So maybe I'll find something/someone to help me get over this hump of doubt I have about this working out with Adam.

Uh, thanks for reading? lol

So I'm monogamous, but I've fallen for someone who's polyamorous...
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