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Old 04-28-2014, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by icesong View Post
I know on my side I can answer that from two separate perspectives - one is the "once a romantic relationship has evolved, the boundaries have changed in such a way that going BACK to friendship feels... wrong" perspective. I'm not a terribly open person, in many ways - certainly if y'all knew me at all in real life we would NOT be having this conversation. ;-) And the sharing of bodies and... hearts? made revealing things about myself seem like an ordinary thing to do - things that I would have never revealed in another context. Like a conversation we (HipsterBoy and I) had last night about parenthood and the challenges thereof - which I told TheKnight about later under the heading of "and that was a thing that I'd only ever discuss with two people in the world, you and HipsterBoy". So that's one version of "we can't be JUST friends if not dating".
Thank you for this clarification! It is interesting to learn how other people think about things. My own perspective is much like JaneQ's - to me the friendship is the core feature in my relationships, and I could easily think of being friends with my partners even if the romantic part would disappear. Guess I am more easy-going regarding *what* I reveal about myself.

Originally Posted by icesong View Post
The other version is what happens when you take two people who would be, say, casual acquaintances - have fun together, have some amount of things in common, add "hormonal carbonation", to quote The PolyamorousMisanthrope, and enough time together and intensity to turn it into love while skipping the "dating" phase. That's pretty much what happened to Pink!Girl and TheKnight...and now they're trying to learn to be friends after the fact. Which is exactly as awkward as you would think.
This I do not understand at all, but that might be just me Anyhow, thanks for sharing!
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