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Old 04-06-2014, 11:10 AM
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Mya and I are having our three year anniversary. Three years! Coolest. I want to write about that

There's been a lot in three years. Half of that was pretty extreme long distance, and half we've now been in Dream City. Many, many "external" things have happened that we've gone through together. The relationship with Mya has often been like a haven. I feel very safe with her: secure in the relationship, but also safe in terms of communication and openness - there isn't really anything that I can't talk to her about.

The anniversary is happening in the midst of all kinds of change.

I've been in bad places for the past few months, struggling with the worst depression that I've ever fallen into. That's come with a complete paradigm shift, I feel, in terms of how I live. I've had many unhealthy mechanisms for coping with my mental health issues, and part of this is learning healthier ways; primarily meditation and from there stems other life changes. It's very slow progress, in some sense; in some other it's surprisingly quick, considering how fundamental changes are happening in how I think and how I live. In any activity my effort goes to remaining more present, more calm, more stable. I have such appreciation for Mya in how she's been here for me through the depression. No doubt it's been a nightmare for both of us.

Other change going on, Alec is moving to Home Country this week and I'm moving in with Mya and Hank. This change feels good. It's going to be an adjustment, no doubt, I've lived with Alec since moving out of my parents' house. But I'm looking forwards to it with a calm kind of excitement. I'm going to have my own room, too! Also, when it comes to the kind of partnership that's involved in a deep, everyday level, I feel for me having only one partner like that is ideal in some sense. I can do two of those kind of partnerships, as has been the case for the past three years, but it requires quite a lot of time/energy management. I'm definitely happy to be poly, though, in being involved with several people in a romantic/sexual way and in having that opportunity. And also I really really love the kind of extended family poly can give with metamours and friends and community. I'm excited about living in a V with Mya and Hank, it feels like it could work really well for all of us. I appreciate that it's all in a stable, established kind of place, and that should serve well in adjusting to the changing situation.

Mya and I are spending some time together today, doing things we did when we first got together in Dream City. Yay! <3
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