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Old 04-02-2014, 05:07 AM
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Cool Flirting with Monos

I live in an area where poly is not that popular. That being said I have recently decided with to become poly and have a finacee about an hour away. Since most of the women here are religious, and possibly all of the women here are monos I wind up flirting with mono girls. I mean, I don't seek them out, but if I like a girl I'm going to probably not jump right to asking her how she feels about monogamy. My fiancee has a similar problem. A guy she has been in a state of mutual like with for our five year monogamy has become offended that instead of wanting him in a mono relationship she wants him in a poly lifestyle.

I find that they then wind up learning that I have a finacee and either, thinking I'm trying to cheat, or thinking I'm just an overly flirty guy that means well.

What are some expiriences you have had with enjoying a person and not being able to further you relationship because they were not happy with the idea of poly?

Do you find it best to just avoid obviously mono people? Does this not drastically reduce the pool of potental friends?

Have you ever expirienced any conversions, where you met someone, explained your lifestle, and they said "sign me up" and things went great?

I'm sorry if this has been posted previously. I had seen all sorts of similar stuff, but nothing on this specifically.

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