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Old 04-01-2014, 04:18 AM
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Default Greetings from Portland!

Hey all - I'm from Portland, OR, and am delighted to find this site. My husband and I have been in an open relationship for 8 years (married for 3) and poly for the last few. (I make the distinction between open and poly being that for many years I didn't want him to "fall in love"). I've gotten over that. I used to be more interested in playing with others on occasion, sometimes together,sometimes apart, but I was threatened by the idea of emotional connections. But as i got older, I realized that emotional connection is where the real juice is, and by cutting that off, we were really missing out. So now I have a lover I see on a regular basis, and my husband dates a few people. I look forward to *meeting* many of you. The truth is, I run a sex-positive theater company and I just wrote a show about our life together (called Lust and Marriage) but the first time I was on this site I gave a link to the trailer and pretty much got banned immediately for being a spambot, so now I'll be a little more careful. If you are interested, just ask. I'd love to bring the show to a theater near you! (I'll be in Santa Fe, LA and Seattle in the next few months).
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