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Old 03-17-2014, 05:26 PM
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Well the weekend is over, and I thought I would hop back up here and post an update RQ.

The wife arrived at their hotel on Friday afternoon, and she and the new GF spent the entire weekend together. I stayed home with the kids and we had a good weekend as well. Played some tabletop games with the eldest on Sunday, made a pot of chili and really just chilled out. Surprisingly (to me) the feelings of jealousy I expected didn't come up.

Wife texted me once Friday afternoon to say she had arrived safely and then went silent. I had told her that I was going to keep my communication to a minimum out of respect for her time with GF. On Saturday afternoon I started to feel worried that I had not heard from her. I sent her a text asking if all was well and if she was safe. She texted me back with a message that was definitely her and said she was safe and having fun. That put my mind at ease and was the end of any negative or concerned feelings.

Wife got home Sunday just as the kids were going down to bed. There had been no unexpected encounters with the GFs hubby and he had spent the time with his GF at a local B&B a ways outside of town. Wife seemed almost eager to give me an account of her time and I got all the details I wasn't going to ask for but could not help wondering about lol.

There was a lot of kissing and petting.

There was no lovemaking. GF has never been with another woman before and so there was hesitancy around certain things that caused my wife step back and in an effort to make GF comfortable, she asked if it was okay to keep it to just making out and some petting. GF was fine with it.

Mostly they talked. They talked every waking moment in between bouts of kissing and petting. I could tell when my wife got home that something was better than it was before. This weekend the Wife has been able to satisfy a part of her she has been denying off and on for years.

A part of her has started healing we didn't know was hurt until recently. She feels whole when she didn't know she wasn't before.

We had a lovely evening last night. We watched some Hulu and she wanted to make love badly due to a weekend of sexual arousal and no release so that was nice too. I don't expect that will be the way of things every time they get together - but I'll happily love her any time she wants.

All in all I think things are only improving in my life. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this. I'll let you all know when there is anything more to hear.
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