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Old 04-11-2010, 08:50 PM
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Default Texting

Within my relationship, where my partner of several years has recently fallen in love with someone else, he has been texting her what feels to me to be almost constantly when we are together. I have got him to agree that it is a little unfair for him to be texting when we are eating together, but it does seem like he texts her all the time, including when we are out together, in the house together, pretty much anywhere. I thought it was me being unreasonable as I am having a few problems getting used to the idea of a polyamorous relationship, plus they get very, very little time together - only a few hours snatched together, or conversations at work (they both work at the same place and her husband and family do not know, esp. difficult as we are in a small community). However, we recently had some friends staying with us, and they commented that he was on his phone an awful lot - one of them suggested that it was close to be an addiction to his mobile, and the other said that it was to the point of being rude to others around.

What are other peoples thoughts on electronic communication in poly relationships? Internet, mobiles and e-mails certainly add a whole extra dimension to how time is shared and what is considered to be shutting out - or not- those around.

It would be very interesting to see what people think.

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