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Old 04-10-2010, 12:01 AM
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What made me happy about all of this in the beginning that it seems like I've lost now is the connection with both of them. Let's just clear up the sex versus relationship issue. Yes the sex is great, but no I never planned on that being the focus of our relationship. I want a real meaningful relationship for all 3 of us. I want us all to be one big happy family. We consider everything ours. The kids, the pets, the house, finances, decision making, etc. etc.
A) congrats...it sounds like you have what most people would want (loving polyamory )
b) if communication is that important to your friendships and relationships than maybe you need to take the time to either tell them this...or initiate. Everyone has differing levels of communication. Now that everything is comfy, maybe they don't feel the need to talk all the time?...If communication is your ideal...then you need to tell them that.

I am a touchy person, I want to be touched...if I don't tell my partner(s) AND they aren't touchy feely...I have to blame myself for failing to communicate that

In the beginning I wanted it to go beyond just the sexual aspect of the relationship. I love them both and they both love me. Their love is different for each other then what it is with me. They love each other but they aren't in love with each other at least not yet. Make sense? I want them to be in love with each other. I want this relationship to be more than just sexual.
I am left a little confused...but I think I kind of get it. Your love(s) will all be different. Don't worry about comparing them, you will just torture yourself (kind of what you are doing)...there are 4 connections in a relationship like yours...all 4 connections won't be completely equal
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