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Old 03-03-2014, 03:28 PM
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Default Hello all :-)

Hi all, I'm a newbie here and I have an issue I'd dearly like to get resolved as amicably as possible.

I met a woman last year (January) who revealed on our first date that she was married, and that she had what she called a 'free card', which she'd negotiated years back with husband due to his numerous infidelities.

Although I would not normally mix it with a married couple, we hit it off big time, and were having excellent sex or more a week, and this was initially with his blessing. Anyway the sex was so good, and we got on so well, that we fell in love with each other.

She made the mistake of telling hubby this (it seems he was OK with it as long as it was 'just sex') and he then became very jealous of us. So from that time on, about a year ago, we could only have sex in secret at times when he was away from her.

Anyway, although she says she still loves me it seems that I'm now in the "friend zone", firstly because of the difficulties she has getting away from him (they are from South East Asia, she's studying, he was a student but is now just killing time till her course finishes) and secondly, because he has now upped his game, realise everything he'd been missing out on, and bombarded her with affection and sex for the past 2 months.

So, we had a bit of a row a couple of weeks ago and she suspected me of 'only wanting her for sex', and something along the lines of 'prove you want me for a friend'.

And now it feels like I've been edged out, and although I see them often and even socialise (I'm now a "friend of the family", no less, they have a 14 year old boy), it's just not the same just being close but apart, and I'm finding it all bit unbearable.

What should I do?


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