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Old 01-07-2009, 11:22 PM
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Default Hi I'm Olivier

Hey everyone Better late than never.. felt I should also do an introduction since everybody else already did such a good job :P

I'm a 29 year old guy from Antwerp, Belgium. City of unlimited love diamonds Been into several long term relationships where after 1+ years I always suddenly felt the urge that I wanted to connect and love others next to my current girlfriend. Never having heard about the concept of polyamory I even planned writing a book about it! When I was at page 5 I suddenly discovered something else next to the bonobos (look into these amazing monkeys by the way, it's so much better to compare humans to bonobos instead of chimpansees!). Polyamory! I felt so relieved and awed to discover that my dream already existed! Time-compressing forward I decided to buy this domain from its former owners, promising them that I would do great things with it. Unfortunately I didn't do much with the domain in the last 1-2 years, being busy creating on of the biggest dating sites on the internet. I can't share the name right now, but it's a site that's almost as big as adultfriendfinder. I'm planning to introduce the concept of polyamory to all of our 8 million members, creating a massive global awareness. Many of the people on these sites are already aware of the concept of swinging, so the transition from swinging to the next level 'polyamory' might come somewhat more natural. Not too sure what to expect from this, but it might get interesting. Some more about myself: I'm an open minded, sensitive and loving guy - I love alternative things like meditation, incense, candles, fireplace, stargazing, cuddling, deeply connecting, and my life phrase is that for the best things in life you only need eachother! Hope you enjoyed my intro
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