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Old 02-17-2014, 04:15 PM
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Thanks for you comment. I actually thought it was cool that American Horror Story used the Geraldo expose (pretty much quoting it). I am deeply involved in archiving - what bothered me was not giving credit to it.

What also bothers me is the lack of education about the disabilities rights movement. Everyone is taught about the Holocaust, Slavery, Segregation, and Stonewall. I would just like things like Willowbrook and heroes like Ed Roberts, the independent living movement and so on to be in public consciousness.
And part of our education system.

You mention that there was probably not a Nazi doctor at Willowbrook - but did you know that there were Nazi-like studies? They were injecting patients with hepitas to do experiments on them. It is also well-documented that the Eugnenics movement actually BEGAN in the US. It began with the force sterilization of people with disabilities, and was propagated be Margreat Sanger --also the pro-choice community and disabled community are at odds because people use abortion as method of filtering out children with disabilities - although this is a complex issue, I have yet to meet a pro-choice person who will even discuss the topic.

I, myself, am more or less pro-choice, but I believe that we should change the negative perception of PWD so that abortion to someone with a mild disability say a "hair lip" or extra finger won't be aborted.

As far as Wall Street - I'm sure yu also know that DiCaprio DID look like someone with CP. Fristly, my response was EMOTIONAL. I saw someone on screen mocking my movement while 400 people laughed. This made me want to die,. To disappear. It made me feel ugly and worthless. Emotional is not logic, nor something you can dismiss.

From an intellectual standpoint, I can sAY that the film was full or ableism and sexism. It's interesting to me that the culture is still so sexist and ableist that these things can go unchecked. I don't really care if it's "a true portrait." How about there be discussions about how these guys were realy ableist? Sexist?

The film, overall, is discusting because it's bringing more press to a person who really fucked over a lot of people. As a consequence, this jerk makes MORE money...WTF...
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