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Old 02-14-2014, 09:22 PM
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Default hello everyone

I am here to view and learn from others in similar situations to mine.

I am a married 26 yo woman. I have been married to Thomas for 6 years.

Early in our marriage we tried what we categorized as 'swinging'. Whereas it was 'fun' it caused issue after issue for us. Mostly for me since I attach myself to people in many cases.

After much consideration we ended that. We have a daughter together now and we're considering seriously being mono. However we saw the chances of infidelity and felt having an open marriage may be better.

My husband is interested in sex for sex sake AND relationships.

I however am in a.committed relationship with an older man, Paul. He is 43 and has been a fixture in our lives since we were dating. He adores pur daughter as his own blood and enjoys being with us both as family.

Paul and I have been in an intimate relationship for about a year, tho not all of that time was it sexual.

My sexual relationship with Paul does not involve Thomas at all. And his sexual relationships do not and will not involve me. That seems to keep very good peace in our family and everyone is happy with it.

Paul lives with his own wife who is more of a room mate. He allows her whatever she desires outside their marriage. She knows but 'doesnt know' our arrangements. We do not discuss it and find that to be a respectful arrangement.

M deepening relationship with Paul caused me to realize a lot about my marriage with Thomas and I have grown to learn so much about my roles as a wife and mother!

We have two female friends who used to be involved with both of us that support us greatly and are like family as well. They are in pseudo relationship with Thomas. We have known them for years and have great love for them.

Please.feel free to ask questions, I'm excited to learn what kinds of folks are out here.

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