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Old 07-06-2009, 03:57 PM
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Default new and worried...

hi everyone,
i am a 20 yr old female and my partner is a 22 yr old female. we have been together for 8 months. our relationship is quite serious and we see each other being together for years to come. our problem is that we both feel like we're very young and not ready to settle down into a "forever" relationship. we feel like we both would like more experiences sexually first. we are thinking about trying a sort of open relationship. we would be with only each other emotionally, but have other physical partners that we do not talk about to each other (neither of us can stand the thought of the other sleeping with someone else). so, i suppose it's not a true poly situation as we will not have relationships with others.

we are both being cautious about this because neither of us has tried this before. she is more willing and ready because she feels that she can easily disconnect her emotions from sex, and i am less sure that i can do this.

we talk about all of this a lot. she says we absolutely don't have to do this if i'm not ready for it. she doesn't want to push me into anything. she wants the rules to be ok with both of us.

my biggest concern is my jealousy, so i'm trying to do a lot of research online to figure out what my jealousy means and how i can deal with it. i'm trying to be open about this new situation, but i really don't know how either of us will feel when it actually starts happening.

oh, and something else to add, we will have a semi long-distance relationship. we will be about three hours apart from each other, but plan to see each other often.

i'm not sure what i'm looking for by writing this, but maybe any words of wisdom or any ideas or concerns i should be aware of.
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