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Old 01-30-2014, 08:04 PM
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Default New here and seeking advice

Hello all,

Let me start off by introducing myself: i'm 26 and a complete and utter newbie in this world of polyamory. I joined this site for several very important reasons so I would really like to be out in the open here. I'm bisexual, I'm in a relationship with someone who I wish to remain with for the rest of my life, he is my first "boyfriend" and partner, and we are both mostly introverted people whom are generally shy. With that said I actually have not read your forums yet, I know there is many good pages of advice I have yet to read through but I am also seeking personal help and advice on our journey.

Throughout our relationship I had come to understand my deep attraction to the same sex. I have never been with a woman but I know the rush of embarrassment, lust, and feeling of need that I have when I find women attractive - inside and out, can only mean that I crave the attentions of the same sex... and more.

I know the term unicorn, but frankly I would rather have the woman being the one in the relationship with my partner first and foremost than have someone be our unicorn. I suppose I desire that sort of submissive subservient relationship for the woman to have everything and I provide the gravy. At least, I'm trying to convey that we aren't going to get married, but I would want someone to marry him and to be their pet. I must also admit, I don't want another male in the relationship since I am sensitive in that regard.

It might be my fetish in voyeurism, but being that "second fiddle" is what I really desire, but how does that come to fruition? I want her to have the world, and perhaps give me her scraps. I'm pretty submissive inside and out and I love it that way.

I never really talk about those desires, since like I stated before I am a shy person. I haven't really come out of the closet, bisexually speaking, and I am really hesitant to do so in my everyday life. I don't really know how attracted I am to males as opposed to females but I do know I love my partner. I suppose some of the more mundane and boring things about me is that I have a love of tech and art. Oh, did I mention I have never uttered what I have typed above to anyone but him? I am eager to relay my feelings and actually pretty desperate to get out of my shell..

Phew, well now that I have said all that I hope I get a warm welcome from all and I really hope I have not offended anyone. Perhaps a hand in the right direction would be helpful

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