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Old 01-17-2014, 01:04 AM
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I sent my application today. Unless it is a lot more money, I won't do it.
Mum reminded me today of how kid friendly my current job is, I can pretty much flex it however I need it. That would be entirely lost with the new job. However, I am interested to see what they offer and what they are asking for.

I understand that I used to phrase, "no contact" incorrectly. NC is what happens after a break-up. Kip and I are in a "time-out." He broke it today, he sent a few IM pings, which I ignored, and then called, which I let go to VM, he asked me go on IM later to chat.
My big plan was to let Tuesday, end of time-out, slide on by without any contact. Seriously, when I think about what I deal with at work, breaking up with a cheater should be easy peasy. Boundaries of titanium everywhere except with men that I am dating.

I didn't text OKPea today. My work friend is staying with me for a while, so no opportunities to do much in the afternoons. I'll be surprised if OKPea gets in touch with me either.

I met with Prof for dinner, he has bought a different house ( the other one is still a possibility) which my now single and looking for accommodation work friend is interested in taking the lease for. Work friend and I are will be driving over to check it out tonight. We had a look online and work friend thinks the location is perfect and he would be in charge of vetting roomies to live with him, rather than trying to find a cheap place which would also allow his kids to visit. I know Prof would also prefer to hand over the house to someone else to run, he doesn't have the time to be an active landlord.

Prof talked about how felt he had let me down at the end of last year and had seriously been considering my complaints and that there have been big changes with S.
He said that S did not want to get a life expectancy time line from the doctor and has instead decided to live life to the fullest whilst she can. She initiated the following changes... they will be apart every third weekend, to allow weekends and overnights with other partners, which means the 16 hour rule and one date per week rules have been done away with. Wow!
I have no clear picture of how she is doing, on one hand she is apparently dating up a storm, and is very keen on one particular partner( which was what started the changes, she wants a trip with him) on the other hand, they are contemplating hospice care and/or a home visit nurse. I suppose it goes up and down depending on the treatment cycle.

He talked about the incident with B and how it was meant to be a fun idea and was a surprised I took it so harshly. Said he was very hurt when I broke-up with him, thought we were closer and more involved, I should have communicated my feelings better about the B thing. It's a lot to think about.

We are still in regular contact for various reasons and we did have a very fun quickie the other day.

OKE texted last night, I never even met him and I think 2 weeks between texts means I am bottom of the list. Erm, no.

A few short emails with another possibility.

Kind of ready to take a little time out from dating, till I get whatever sorted out.
Me: mid 40s female.
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