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Old 01-16-2014, 03:43 AM
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Smile Curiosity Killed the Cat? MFM Vee

Hello everyone! Hoping for some help and guidance - a little about me below and how I came to join this board.

A while back I went out with a guy who told me about having a MFM threesome with two really close friends - this was on a first date no less! At first I was really offended but then became curious and started asking him questions. Yes both men were straight. Yes it was fun and they actually spend the entire weekend together - hanging out, gaming, eating pizza, and pleasuring the lady. Listening to him describe the non sexual aspects of the situation was just as interesting to me as the sexual part.

While it didn't work out between us, my interest was very piqued. Since then my fantasies have continued - and they haven't all been sexual. I really think I'd enjoy being the pivot of a poly fidelity MFM Vee. Is that even the correct term? I have no one to talk about this with so I'm learning everything from the internet.

Here's the rub - I have always been a monogamist and know I would not enjoy swinging. Also I'm not attracted to bi/gay men outside of friendship. Sorry hope I don't sound judgmental! Ideally I'd like our MFM Vee situation to be monogamous with two straight guys who are close (or become close) friends. Does this type of a situation exist or am I being a selfish snowflake searching for two unicorns? If it is possible - how does one find and/or cultivate such a situation?

I realize since I know NOTHING about this lifestyle I might be romanticizing what it could be like. How do you all deal with balancing dual relationships and the jealousy that might arise? What is it like going out in public?

I'm a super vanilla person and perhaps this should remain, for me, a fantasy. I am trying to decide. Thank you so much for any advice or experiences you can share. No one I know is interested in this and I tend to be a bit introverted anyway.

About me: In my 30's. I love reading, writing, gaming, traveling, and eating sushi.
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