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Old 01-12-2014, 11:30 PM
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I just had a fantastic lunch with Ken. Remember him? He pointed out it's been almost two years since he and I spent time alone together. Back then it was because he began dating my monogamous co-worker who I thought would struggle with our connection. Now it's because he started dating someone else monogamous and wasn't sure she'd have the same response.

Two years and we just had lunch together. Wow. What a journey it's been and yet we are still friends and still able to talk each others ear off about many things. I let go of my fear of showing love and affection and told him I was really glad we could spend some time together. I thanked him for his confidence in me and my decision to stay with Mono and work on our relationship. It means a lot to me that people don't judge my choices but let me be and simply listen, challenge me with questions but in the end just witness what I struggle with. To me this is a sign of good friendship.

Now I have my dear friend and a new friend in his girlfriend. I've been working hard to let her know I am no threat and that I want their relationship to work out. I am giving to him what he gave to me. He was confident and respectful of my journey and choices and I am with his. I listen to his challenges and help sort out his feelings and in the end have no judgement or attachment to the outcome. Feels good. I'm glad to be there for him and am so glad to be given chances to give to people who gave so much to me.

(Waves to LR. Thanks for your message )
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