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Old 12-29-2013, 01:02 AM
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I put on my big girl panties and broke up with Prof in person. I appreciate the same courtesy so best to give it.
He was a bit upset and a little surprised. I explained the whole "secondary never make time for me" part. He said he has been with S 10 days straight and her sister turned up unexpectedly to take over. So he drove to .... and picked up B for some fun. Kind of got it that he didn't consider asking me if I was available. Got it that sending me home in a taxi was dismissive, but hey, he'll still book a hotel room if I want to come and play tonight or I could get taxis both ways and not have to worry about my car. And so help me, I was sorely tempted. But nothing will change, he didn't try to bargain or persuade me otherwise, no promises of things changing.
I was dreading the "you know what is wrong with you" part, but it never came. Said he enjoyed my company very much and hoped we could still be friends. I was hoping he would say that.
One of his businesses provides a service that has been utilized heavily by my neighbor who is on disability and a very limited budget. His company provided it at a third of cost. I know it has made a big difference to my neighbor.Prof said to keep in touch for that, he is happy to continue to help. At the end of the day Prof has never been mean or unkind, a little thoughtless maybe. Too wrapped up the hierarchy. I hope we do keep in contact, I usually cut off all but will again, try to be a grown up for my neigbors sake.

OKC guy revenge flaked on me. Straight up, said I flaked on him so he is flaking on me. Nice to find out before we wasted time meeting. Plus I rechecked his profile, he is 5'8. I would look silly in 5 inch heels.

Kip was online with me for about 6 hours. He helped me rejig my OKC profile. Said all my pics were crap and I don't look like that in real life. I did ask him for an honest opinion. So I got quite a few hits, especially from the under 30 brigade. I want Bluebird's inbox.
Me: mid 40s female.
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