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Old 12-27-2013, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
...meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are two babies who didn't ask to be brought into any of this. Who cares if he tried to get her pregnant. Who cares if your pregnancy was accidental. Does this somehow make you a better person, or he shouldn't be buying diapers for his kid because you think he deliberately impregnated his wife (as if that's some crime) or what exactly does accidental and deliberate have to do with anything? These are simply two babies who need diapers, food, love, holding, peaceful environments ideally, and some stability from the adults in their lives.

He should be helping his wife out with a brand new baby. He should be buying diapers for his own child. Frankly, he ought to be buying diapers for both his children. It's beside the point whether you need his money or not. That's his child.

I hope all three adults involved can stop focusing on themselves and pointing fingers and start putting these two brand new babies first.
I don't know what logic you're using, but getting your wife pregnant just because your girlfriend is pregnant is not smart. Newborn care is hard and new moms need support. The kids are 5 weeks apart exactly. I didn't say anything about being a better person, but I also need support and G only supporting L is messed up on his part. I am the only stable one in the group. G wasn't around for most of my pregnancy and only supported L. After N arrived he tried a little, but he kept guilt tripping me for not including L more. The post partum period is very difficult and I wanted time for G, N, and I to bond. Just because there are babies involved does not mean my feelings or needs go away. What he ought to be doing and what he is doing are two very different things. I don't know if you know anything about giving birth, but taking care of mom is taking care of baby.
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