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Old 12-24-2013, 02:35 AM
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Default Hello from Hawaii

Hello all.

Iím new to the forum and exploring the site while looking to make new online friends. Iím 48 and I live in Hawaii. Iím divorced and I am not actually involved with anyone at the moment.

While married, my wife and I went to a few sex clubs, but we did not swing. We enjoyed the atmosphere and having sex around others. She occasionally played with other women, and I thought that was hot, but she insisted that I only play with her. I accepted that.

But we are divorced now, and not due to that lifestyle, but do to another lifestyle choice. I am a cruiser. I live aboard a yacht and, when I get the time, I sail long distances. I just recently sailed from California to Hawaii. I love the ocean. I enjoy the challenges that are provided by blue water sailing that include navigational and meteorological challenges and simply being able to work with someone at sea for long periods of time. When she met me, she thought my lifestyle was romantic, it is, but once we started cruising and she learned that it also required work, she moved off the boat and returned to her old lifestyle. I have heard the ďlifestyleĒ can be rough on some relationships, but I tell you the cruising lifestyle is much rougher.

These days, my lifestyle remains a difficult one to accept. I work rotational shifts where I spend a month overseas and then return home, but the pay is phenomenal and I am saving money. During some of my time off, I volunteer with medical projects in disasters or refugee camps. As such, it has been a long time since I have actually been involved with anyone. However, this next relationship is going to be on my terms and not be on the terms dictated by society norms.

I have wanted a poly relationship for years, but have not known where to look to meet such people. I guess I will meet some here and learn more about the culture. As a long distance cruiser with a large yacht, a two person team is a difficult team for blue water passages. Sleep deprivation can be a killer at sea. For my yacht, I really need three people. Now that it is ready for a circumnavigation, I am even more interested in finding people who live outside of the normal society, live by their own rules and share an interest in adventure.

I hope to learn from you all about how these relationships work, how to maintain a healthy relationship in this environment and how to meet people with similar notions. I look forward to meeting each of you online.

Captain Rene
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