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Old 04-02-2010, 09:24 AM
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Default Semi-New to Polyamory.

Hi my name is CandyBunnii or CB for short. I'm semi-new to polyamory. I am bisexual and has had three poly relationships since finding out I'm poly 3 years ago. I'm currently in a relationship with the love of my life, my fiance... and with fiance's "doppelganger", whom I'll call Allen. Reason I call him a doppelganger is obvious, he's exactly like my fiance in every way asides from one or two personality differences, that they can be mistaken as twins!

Anyways, all three of us have been discussing this and we couldn't come up with an answer. When fiance and I get married and have Allen live with us, how do we explain to our families about the living situation? Ofcourse to his family, Allen will refer to me as his wife or girlfriend, whichever he prefers, and will refer my husband as his best friend. My husband will refer to me as his wife, and Allen as his best friend, and I will refer them both as my husband depending on who I'm talking to. But eventually our families will start asking us, "why don't you dump the best friend (aka tell him to get a place of his own) and move in together as husband and wife?".

This is something we haven't made up our minds about. We all decided to move away from our families and live together in one big house as lovers and best friends, but none of our family members are open-minded about polyamory and they ask too many questions. Plus, there's always the chance that the family members would want us to visit during the holidays or start asking for kids. This is the difficult part. We really don't know what to do in regards to our families except perhaps changing our names and cutting off ties indefinitely, but we're not willing to do that (it's too sad).

Any of you have any suggestions?
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