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Old 12-11-2013, 05:15 PM
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Default Gay triad? Maybe? Help!!

Hey everyone!

I posted my first post on here about a month and a half ago about this situation, but wanted to get some opinions on where this is headed. My hubby and I (we are both men) are about to celebrate our 15 year anniversary together in February. I am 39, and the hubby is 37. We met in February of 1999, and have literally been together since the day we met. We practically moved in together about two months after we met. Over the past 15 years, we’ve had quite a few threesomes, but always together (and yes, always safe). We have never “played” on our own. It’s an agreement we have, and I know for a fact that neither of us have broken that agreement. Well, about three months ago, we decided to meet up with this 23 year old young man who had contacted me on a gay website. He is not out, had only been with one guy before us, and in general is new to the gay lifestyle.

From the moment we met this guy, it was an instant connection. The three of us ‘clicked’ immediately. All 3 of us are pretty masculine guys, so I think that had a lot to do with it (aside from the obvious physical attraction). There is a fairly significant age difference, but in all seriousness, you’d never know it. We look younger than we are, and he acts a lot older/more mature than he is. So we meet somewhere in the middle. To make the story a little shorter, he has spent 5 full weekends at our house over the last few months. He is coming over again the weekend after Christmas, and we are headed up to New Hampshire together in mid-January for a weekend in the White Mountains for skiing. He texts with both of us every day, and to put it mildly, I’ve grown quite fond of this guy. The hubby likes him a great deal too – but is a lot more conservative and traditional than I am. Regardless, he is pretty fond of him as well. And our new friend has deep feelings for us as well, which he is certain is not because we are one of the first guys he’s met. He genuinely really likes us both.

What is going on here??? This is both unbelievably exciting, and really scary at the same time! I hesitate to put ANY label on this. I mean, he lives about an hour and fifteen minutes from us, and is not moving in with us. We see him about every 3rd weekend, but we talk to him constantly. He’s already told us he has no desire to meet anyone else right now. Is it best to just see what happens here? Can’t lie and say there aren’t feelings involved, because there most definitely are! He’s even hung out with our closest friends with us, and is well liked by them as well – though they (aside from one) have no idea what is going on.

Help? Ha!
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