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Old 12-05-2013, 09:41 PM
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Default Nasty anti blog


And oh boy...the comments are rather vexing, not just form the antis either...check this one out....

i just want to state that "polyamorous" and "open" are not the same thing. Polyamorous means you live with love 2 people and they live in your home. Open means the same thing as swingers.

keeping in mind I am not polyamorous this is how it was explained to me.

Polyamory is a relationship between 3 or more people. Sex partners may or may not enter the primary home - in my experience, when any of the people have children the meetings take place where the children are not present. Children may or may not be aware of the others as their parent's friends but they are not n the position of being a parental figure. There are specific rules, agreed to by everyone involved before anyone has sex.. The number of outside partners is discussed and agreed upon by all involved, most often in the groups I know a new partner is named and agreed to by those in the group before any sex occurs.. It is not swinging and there is nothing like trolling bars picking up people for a one night stand.

Open marriage is "swinging" when both partners have sex with others with pretty much no rules and no discussion of who or how many partners are involved. One night stands are not unheard of.
Where are they getting their information from????
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