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Old 12-04-2013, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I disagree that noticing the posted location on someone's facebook message even remotely counts as stalking. It's not obsessive, it's not harassment, and given that they're dating and the woman was messaging her willingly, it's not unwanted attention.
thank you, I didn't feel like I was stalking when its more like your messaging with that person and it says where they are right under their name. lol. I guess im obsessively observant? lol

hersweetleaf... I'm curious why you didn't just call her bluff at the time, rather than hang on to the upset and make it a big issue when it probably doesn't need to be. "Hm, that's weird... I know you said you're at home, but your facebook shows that you're at the Starbucks on 1st Ave..."
its more like, shes a bit young still, and we don't want to bombard her with all this shit from people shes just getting to know. I feel like if we nit pick and bring up every single little thing, it will scare her off, and that would be that. it was a relatively small thing, and she ended up coming over the next night like she said she would, and said she had started her period. But, she is already a not very social, unsure of her self, and could take or leave conversation/texts. its hard to get anything out of her really. I just don't want to keep being in her face about everything. she has her own life, and her own relationships.

I would actually trust facebook over real humans.
sadly, I have to agree. I love and hate facebook, I hate that it causes so much drama between people, but sometimes, when someone doesn't communicate, all you really have to do is look and you know all about that person and their relationships. double edge sword.

thank you for your reply =)
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.
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