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Old 12-01-2013, 07:44 AM
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Default Military People Stereotypes

I would just like to ask some thing, please answer if you know any thing about this subject or just feel free to share your thoughts here, why do many people have so many stereotypes about some one who is a "military person"?~

I've noticed that often people when they notice from some form of indication that I am in the U.S.A. Military Navy, often from the shirt I am wearing because I have just left a DEP meeting, in-person they will "thank me for serving our country", but online it's a different story:

when ever I mention that I am in the U.S.A. Military Navy on online forums and then proceed to express my personal views, thoughts, and perspective on ANY subject: it seems most people will respond by saying that "that will be beat out of me soon by the Navy".~


I do not know what kind of "ideal" many of these people have about "what it means to be a Navy military man or person", but it seems if I'm "not it" in their eyes then "the military" will some how "correct me" into being "what they (not the military) think I should be".~

I know that many people have almost no knowledge at all about the U.S.A. Military, but no matter how much I have tried to reason with people who hold stereotypes of "military people" they seem determined to not be open to learning any thing that contradicts their held stereotypes or beliefs about "military people".~

I have not been shipped out to basic training yet, but I will be in January 2014 now, but my recruiters and every one in the military who have been in for far longer than I have have taught me much: including that "A Non-Marine, Non-SEAL, Navy Sailor is their specialty first. We don't say I am a Navy Sailor, we say I am a (Navy job) Aerographer's Mate and a U.S.A. Navy Sailor. Unlike a Marine who is always a Marine first, their job specialty second. You want action, you want combat go Marines or Navy SEALs that is their special area. You want technology and super specialized fields then go regular Navy, that is us."
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