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Old 07-04-2009, 11:58 AM
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Default And Me makes three.

My Loves Have shared there points Of view of Our story.. I wanted to share mine with you all now.

I have always Know that I wasnt "straight". I have always Found both Sexes Stunning and mesmerising. I thought my self extremely fortunate when I met and felll in love with Aussiebloke. I knew that He was the person I would marry with out a doubt. I have never hidden from him how I felt about Girls. I have always been very openly Bi-sexual. However I never thought That a chance meeting on a Message board would result in this...

I met Aussielover and her ex ... I actually started out IM'ing with Her ex. And over time we started to talk and get to know each other. After a few weeks Ab started talking to them also and We developed a group "physical"( as can be online ) relationship with them. As Time went On I found myself Drawn to AL. And I struggled with this for a a while. Unsure of how it was possible to be able to have such feelings for two people..without my Love For AB lessening. Eventually a Conversation between Aussielover and myself Unfolded and it became clear that Her feelings for me were the same. As a Group we had a good thing Going.. While AB wasnt able to spend as much time as I was talking with them ..I was still able to see a connection between AB and AL. Not as deep as what I shared at that stage but I knew that in time it might develop further. A few weeks after that conversation I told Ab about my feelings. Thinking he had an inkling that I had developed stronger feelings then I had admitted too. His face and the hurt and pain that was there made it clear to me that for the sake Of Our Marriage I would cease contact with AL and Her Wife. It was the hardest thing I have every had to do. And It stilll pains me to this day. But I knew ( then and even to this day) that it was the right thing to do.

During the 3 yrs that we did not have contact, Aussiebloke and I worked on our relationship and Went on to have our last child. I thought about AussieLover often.. Wondering how she was and If she was ok. We had friends in common and I would ask them about her. Or hear along the grapevine how she was doing. Time went bye and While my feelings never went away I kept on moving along.

Then In January A chance comment Brought them back into our lives. A second chance. It was clear that things With AL and her ex were not healthy but we seemed to very easily pick up where we left off. It was like we never stopped talking. When I spoke to Ab about things starting up again I told him that my feelings had never changed and that I loved them both very Much. And I had deep affection for AL's partner. Never on the same level but I cared for her very much. It was magical to be open and honest at last to watch AB and Al get to know each other... watching them develop a relationship with each other. It made me happy to see that two people I loved has such a great affection for each other.

After a few months they surprised us with the news that they were coming to visit. I was THRILLED! The time seemed to drag by and At last the day came for them to arrive. Then delays in missing a flight held them up.( curse you qantas!*Shakes fist*) Finally waiting at the airport for AL.. My heart in my throat. AB was a cool as ever and I was a trembling bubbly mess. Finally meeting Eyes with A at the top of the stairs.. Her running towards me. That's a moment I will never forget. She as here and In my arms at last. We spent three amazing emotional weeks together. Things happened within the group that changed the dynamics and It was a little hard. But We knew that AL had to come back home to us. I watched as the relationship between AB and AL deepened and It made me happier then I could imagine. To have the two people I love to love each other as deeply as I loved them both was the very best feeling. The night we shared together the three of us together was just so intimate and tender. I cant wait to have many more of those.I have such fond memories of the time we spent together alone and together the three of us.

It might not be the typical relationship..or situation but I cant wait for her to come home to us. To share my life and my family with her. To be all together after everything is a dream come true and I have never been more in love with anyone then I am with these two amazing people.

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