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Old 11-23-2013, 06:56 PM
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Lightbulb Rebounding - is it the same for poly's as mono's

I was writing in my blog about meeting my metamour's husband tomorrow who happens to be transitioning with his girlfriend (she's breaking up) and the thought crossed my mind I'm leary of being the "rebound".

Is that even possible for us who are poly to rebound like a devastated mono break up does? It seems strange if the one who is getting broken up with has been actively looking for additional relationships. Like how could that person be rebounding if he was already looking for more loved ones. OR is rebounding just a natural part of being human and we all experience it whether mono or not?

I'd say when I crush hard, it isn't returned and it ends, I mourn that loss but within a week, I'm back to where I was before that and savor the experience as one to learn from. I would say when I start chatting with 3 or more guys I am doing my rebounding...and then am ready to start dating. I haven't had a long term relationship end in many many years. My rebounding is from short term life events.

Any thoughts on this. I would like this to turn into a discussion. I am not looking for advice, only opinions and experiences.
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