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Old 11-19-2013, 03:54 PM
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Thanks guys. I appreciate your insights. Meanwhile, since my gf was out of town this weekend, I went out. What an entertaining night! It was so much fun I wrote a story about it.

What a day. I had intended to go to bed early Friday night but just before I turned off the lights, received a message from D. She needed company having planned a trip with three of her friends who all failed to come along. So here she was at midnight, halfway through a voyage aching to verbalize her experience. She was lit up with the light of the moon and illuminated from within due to the nature of her vehicle, my old friend, psilocybin cubensis. D and I live many miles apart but I jumped on her bus anyway and became a virtual passenger for a couple hours until such time as she went back out to meld with the moon. I went to sleep very late then with a more than incidental, long distance contact high.

Saturday started in dreamland and whatever I was dreaming about went on and on until late morning. I got up so late that instead of making a pot of fresh ground Love Buzz fair trade coffee, I drove down to Starbucks where I met Jim. I'd seen him there a couple times before and always meant to find an excuse to introduce myself. He's older, 59, and bald on top with a goatee and a pony tail. He looked interesting so this time I sat down near him and soon was rewarded to overhear a conversation that I could easily jump in on. He works with our local hospital managing a house for people suffering with alcoholism and other dependencies. Right up my alley and the perfect companion while drinking my first cup of joe. Par for the course for the day as I would later discover.

I was in the same mood for making supper as I had been for brewing coffee so rousted my brother and we went out to Es Tas. On our way to the place, I noticed a large group of college aged men and women all dressed in semi-formal attire heading the same way as us. They arrived at the restaurant shortly after we did. My brother and I were already seated at the bar, I was next to a beautiful buxom blond woman who was smiling into her phone, texting with glee. She was absorbed so I turned my attention to the other side of my brother where there were about twelve to fifteen of the semi-formal youngsters lined up to place their drink orders.

My brother is blind so didn't notice that the two cutest girls in the bunch were both using his chair to lean against while they waited. I caught the eye of one of them. She was asian with long black hair to her waist. She broke the ice saying to my brother, "Why do you wear those glasses? It's really dark in here." My brother didn't tell her he was blind but simply said, "To reduce the glare." She looked at me as if I would explain for him but instead I started admiring her dress. It was a black thing with a full zippered back and no sleeves that ended above her knees with a triangle of bare skin above her waist. She had the prettiest dress of all the girls in there and I told her so. By then she was buttered up enough to let me admire her hair too. Little did I know that she was actually working on us.

In retrospect I would have to say that she knew just what she was after. Food. She asked us if we had ever tried their cheese balls and that they were really good and put it just right so that we would order some. They arrived and she took them right off the counter from between us and started feeding them to us. Just one or two each then she absconded with the rest and fed them to her friends. Then our other food arrived and she left us alone for a few minutes but it wasn't long before I looked up from a bite to see her eying my food. She said, "Are their tacos any good?" and "What kind did you get?" Well, it was an order of three so I gave her one and she ate about half of it then got back in between us and started snagging my brother's fries saying, "Mmmm the fries are really good here." She was smooth. She ate some then would feed them to me, sensuously. Then she'd eat some more.

She worked us but I had her introduce me to each of her friends so I could admire their dresses as well, actually having them turn so I could admire front and back. It was fun. I also handed out a few stray compliments to the men tagging along with her friends but I didn't see much mingling. The boys were with the boys and the girls with the girls. And then they all left. It was the first time I had ever gone to a bar and had a girl eat my taco. That was par for the course too because when I got down to the Underground later. It was full of dykes (No offense ladies. This is exactly the term they used to describe themselves)

I was met out front of the Underground with surprise by an old girlfriend, M, who lives in Florida but was in the midwest for family reasons. I knew she was here but didn't expect to see her. Her and I have had a long platonic friendship. I met her a long time ago here at the polyamory community but didn't see her much while she was living with my ex wife after the divorce. It wasn't until after she left my ex that she came to me for commiseration and then we developed a much deeper relationship. So not just a friend from out of town, but a close friend with intimate connections. I went in to drink with her.

M was with her boyfriend, P, and sitting with another couple (who were not a couple) T, a big jolly looking guy, and Z, a beautiful green eyed butch haired woman in a white tshirt and jeans. T surprised me by bringing up Polyamory right away. He mentioned that he often came to the Underground with his wife to meet their lovers. That started a whole roundtable where we all described our relationships. When M got to the part about her relationship with my ex wife, she mentioned my older daughter. That made T perk up and he repeated her name to make sure he had heard it right then started laughing. It turns out that his daughter is my daughter's girlfriend. That realization was the start of a fast friendship.

Meanwhile Z got up for another drink and came back to report that the place was filling up with dykes. T said, "It takes one to know one." Z blushed. Next P went outside to smoke and M beckoned me into the booth beside her and started squeezing me and running her fingers through my hair while I caressed her thigh. I felt loved. I soon left them though to go check out the scene at the Pocket.

I never made it into the pool hall though because I ran into Bubba just as he was coming out the front doors. He was wasted but invited me to walk with him to his room for a nightcap. Now Bubba is not a Bubba like you would imagine. It was his baby name and he didn't grow up into an overall wearing, pudgy redneck but kept the name anyway. I met him at a hippie gathering out West and only recently discovered that he is a wicked lead guitarist for a ska punk band. He's in his early twenties. The night cap wasn't another drink either, it was an exquisite blond hashish reminiscent of what we got from Lebanon in the seventies. I walked back to the Underground on hashish clouds where my friends were even drunker than before. I wished them all a good night then made my way home.
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