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Old 11-16-2013, 08:14 PM
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Default decreased libido with multiple partners

I was in a monogomous relationship for 10 years to my husband, the father of my children. We went on a website for swingers and met a few people to fill our desires. Our plans were to only do it a few times to fill those desires and boost our sex life. One couple we met we had an instant attraction to and over time became lovers. It wasn't planned but was a very pleasant surprise. I learned I was bisexual so I played with her and her husband and my husband and she played with hers, me and mine. The men were never involved together, as they are both straight but we've had mindblowing lesbian time, 3 somes and 4 somes. We've been together for 5 years and got emotionally married, not legally since we are all already married.

Here's where I need help. We all have jobs, live under 10 miles apart and our kids get along great. Like siblings. Because we all work and have families our times together are limited. I started a new job and I find myself exhausted daily. I get up very early and go to bed very late. We all have different schedules. Ive noticed my libido has dropped dramatically since the job change. My husband and I don't get alone time like we used to and it's tough for us. They don't get alone time like they used to either due to the job changes for her husband. I'm so tired all the time I find that, even though I do want to emotionallly, I don't have energy to get together like I used to, I just want to stay home in my pajamas or try and get house work done or just be alone with my family. Yet I desire to be with them as well. My love for them hasn't changed at all. We still love them deeply, my libido has just dropped so much I can't seem to control it and my sleepiness. I need help and ideas on how to increase my libido. I talked to a therapist and my dr (they don't know about my multiple partners) and they both said it sounds like I am just tired. To try to make a date night. I'm so tired that it's hard for me to find or make time to please my husband without having a quickie. I'm so tired of quickies. I need more...I've tried to masterbate to increase it but meeting with them during the week seems to take all my desire then I feel I have nothing left for my husband. I really need your help on ideas as I am all out of them. Please give me ideas on how to improve my desire. It's hard to please 3 people when I barely have it in me to please one. I'm sexually frustrated and would appreciate any help.
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decreased libido, exhausted, multiple partners, polymarriage, working mother

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