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Old 03-23-2010, 07:33 PM
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wow ups downs and roller coasters.
I too waited and waited patiently for all parties to be ready. i never baked on it, but it was an option i always loved having... co-habitation. not something to rush into. i'm a careful planner. NRE be damned, i wasn't going to mess this one up! slow and steady.
I guess i can take comfort in that i'm not the only one who got left out when one partner's SO changes their minds about co-habitiation. altho it sounds to me like it is for the most part they try and then it doesnt work out. in my case, it was (thankfully?) a partner's SO changing their mind before we tried co-habitation so i guess i can take sum comfort in that. I can't imagine what it must be like for those cpls you know Red who tried and then fell apart... so painful i can't imagine...
it seems to me, when it comes to co-habitation... the need to be open and honest and communicative become even more important. am i right?
as for OH (other home) trust me, i liked the concept of having my partner over at my place... but, it was only fer a few hours and never overnight....i get what you mean about wanting to be there and not being able to be there... I enjoyed my independence and my home but i enjoyed the idea of having my honey there when i came home from work or to snuggle with on the sofa while watching tv. you know? I had no problems with his other SO being there, as a matter of fact i had no problems sharing him. LOL. i mean, i wouldnt mind cuddling him on his left while she cuddled oh his right <-- lucky man! LOL as fer sex, ur right...i would miss the privacy and spontaneity of wherever and however with nobody "walking in"... that's the one part of co-habitation that would be tricky...

ok so this one is fer everybody now...
here's another question i post to y'all about co-habitation...
how do you introduce the concept of poly to your kids? how do you explain that you have 1 mommy and 1 daddy but that mommy loves another man who isnt daddy and daddy loves another woman who isnt mommy and you all live together as one happy family or whatever the situation may be...

and fyi: not in a poly relationship now. one just recently ended. no kids. no co-habitation (seeing as the relationship ended) I'm just posing these questions for curiosity and for discussion and to share sum of my experiences too... am "banking" the replies in this thread for the next relationship
"...Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident." ~St Augustine

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cohabitation, equality, living together, marriage vs. polyamory, moving in, nre

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