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Old 11-10-2013, 03:13 PM
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Sorry for the delay in replying - travel and such...

OK, mostly straight on the lesbian/straight continuum. Just a little bit bi. I know there is a continuum. I'm kinda 60% straight, 40% lesbian and all queer!
Huh, maybe that's a way to describe it - they're on the continuum but don't feel queer at all. Never thought of it that way.

Glad you like each other enough to make long range plans of maybe all living under one roof some day. (Although it might be nice to have 2 houses very close by instead... Just so everyone has plenty of personal space, but visiting often back and forth is easy.)
Well, yeah, right now we live a few blocks from each other in a nice residential neighborhood. We've made PLENTY of comments about AM buying a house next door to us. None of which are for sale. But that does actually sound like the better logistical option. Then it becomes an issue of who sleeps where - we kinda like the idea of a single bed, right now.

Everything else about living together is really not easy - many kids and a house that could absorb them, but with difficulty. The parents get along with each other's kids (it's relatively new, after only a few months, so it's hard to tell the details) and we're on the same page about language - being an auntie/uncle rather than a second mom, if that makes sense. I don't mind the concept of a huge family, though...

When I first met miss pixi, we made long range plans: she said, let's go to that special music fest together in 8 months... Planning to move in together took 4 years...
I can imagine that it would take us that long, if we ever get there. I'll keep writing about it as the months pass, I suppose. At the moment, it seems really impossibly far in the future, but still something that we are all thinking about.

The shorter-range long-term plans, we're working on those. We have trips for the winter, trips for next summer, a lot of places where our lives are simply interweaving. Silly but true - we started a joint calendar to allow us a shared sense of planning. The fabric feels whole, with her. My marriage is entirely changed as a result - that's been good, so far - and it turns out that it's easy (and sometimes really hard) to plan into the future. There is a bit of a realization of "my god, we're really doing this," and wondering how long we will succeed at it. And how.
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