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Old 10-30-2013, 12:37 PM
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Default How to Seduce a Couple

So there's this lesbian couple I'm friendly with. I've known one of the women for several years, and always had a crush, but I couldn't act on it as I was practicing monogamy with my husband. She and I flirted sometimes, but I kind of avoided her even as a friend knowing I couldn't follow through with my attraction. She's been with her gf now for two years, and I like the gf tons, though I'm not so attracted to her physically I love her personality. I'm intrigued by them as a couple, they are so much in love and very adventurous and they do everything together.

So I recently "came out" to them (after they spotted me making out with a guy not my husband.) I made it clear I'm also interested in women (the woman I've known longer already knew I am bi,) but I'm having trouble finding attractive women willing to date a married woman. Cut to a party this weekend, they were sitting on a couch and the one I've known longest called me over and they pulled me onto their laps and snuggled with me and asked me a bunch of questions about what I like in bed. It was so hot, and I felt so happy and at home in their laps just watching them kiss. I tried to play it cool, but I know my body language was screaming "yes!" I felt like they were into me.

bunch of us went back to their place afterwards--nothing happened. I wouldn't have fooled around with them that night even if they'd offered, I'm not that easy

I'm looking for advice. Am I reading too much into what was just a nice moment at a party, were they just being friendly or are they interested? How do I let them know I'd love to go out with them? Or have they already gleaned as much? I guess I could just ask, but the potential for rejection is too pricey. They are in my circle of friends, and I'd have to face them afterwards. I'd like to have some more face time with them and just see what happens, but I'm not sure how to do this without coming on too strong. I've never hung out with either of them one-on-one, or even just me and them. Whatever happens, I'd really like for them to think this is all their idea. I feel like the impetus is on them to come to me if they're interested--am I wrong?

Suggestions? Sure-fire pick-up lines for seducing lesbian couples?
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