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Old 10-26-2013, 07:41 PM
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Default My blog,...Our (not-so) boring daily life...

My introduction post to the forum is long, and describes how I ended up here. Its too long to repeat, so I will post a link to it instead.


For the purpose of this blog,...I will, from now on refer to my wife as 'BB', and her daughter as 'ZF'. This is, I think most appropriate...

BB and I are on the road full time as professional drivers, or otherwise knows as 'Truckers', as a team. We own our truck outright, and enjoy being together every day, but she and I miss being at home.

Well, It has been a few days since ZF tried her hand at going out with someone besides me, and she now realizes that it just does not feel right to her. Despite her getting lonely at home by herself here lately, she feels that we are just too perfect a match, and too happy for her to consider anything else. My wife, BB, since I posted here, has been feeling very good about all of us, and for herself. She finally has come to terms with it all full circle, since it has been put out for all the world to see. She said to me today that no other guy could stand up to what I am for ZF, and for ZF, no one could ever make her as happy long term. BB felt tho, that she was a bit 'left out', on this new decision for us to get off the road by the end of 2014, as she was not involved in this discussion until after it was settled. We talked about it amongst ourselves, BB and I, and she is exited to see an end to the endless travelling as well. BB and I have been sneaking into the back (sleeper area) of the truck, making love like mad these last few days, and it is nice to know that after 7+ years of being together, we still turn each other on like the day we first met. Yesterday morning, while our trailer was getting loaded, we made love the whole time, trying not to rock the truck too much, but I think they noticed anyway, because the guy came out with our paperwork with a big smile on his face (oops) lol. In the afternoon, we all hung out on our private voice-chat server together, Me on the wireless headset while driving. We talked about getting off the road, and just hung out for several hours cutting up, giggling, and having a good time, the three of us together, almost as if were were home. BB's son chimed in for about an hour toward the end and we spent some time with him as well. I continued to drive the rest of the day, and BB and ZF spent the rest of the afternoon playing online games together. Its so nice to see our family get along so well, so stress free, and so loving. I cannot believe myself sometimes, that my life has been so incredibly blessed, to have such a loving, playful, best friend of a wife with an incredible bond, and to have as well, that super special relationship with ZF, that I, at first swore against. ZF and I are indeed a very special couple on our own, in our own way, and it is incredible in itself. She likes the fact I am so caring, loving, and tender with her, meeting all her needs when I am home. Since BB and I are together everyday, when we do come home, I will usually take ZF out partying, just her and I, and out to dinner, perhaps a hotel too, getting her out of the house, where we will go wildly crazy on each other one on one, where it then always softens itself into very sweet, tender, intimate, love making, while starring deeply into each other's eyes, bonding as one. We are truly in love with one another, deeply and hopelessly. It settles out after a couple days, where then, the three of us will spend our time together as a group cuddling, loving, and playing together. Although they both enjoy teasing me together, love making happens separately, and at different times. BB and ZF see each others needs and will nudge me gently toward the one who need the most attention on any given night when we are all home. I let them decide what bed I sleep in, and quite often, half way through the night, or in early morning, I will switch, because I miss the other. BB has started teaching ZF how to knit and sew, and all the cool things women like to do together, and I think its incredibly nice to see them get along so well. BB told me as well today, while I was writing this (she was reading it), that I was possibly, perhaps the only guy in my situation that fully respects our tangled relationship without taking advantage of it. I don't know about that, but I do know that I would, and will, do anything for them to ensure they are secure and safe in their lives with me. Any-ways, enough rambling for today, I will chime back in here when there is something interesting to report. hopefully I am not too boring for everyone,...Dstone
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