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Old 03-15-2010, 10:26 AM
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Default goodbye and all the best

i stopped posting on this site a while ago, for various reasons. then today i found an email in my private email box drawing my attention to the message below in my forum inbox.

it was a reasonable request and i felt it worthy of a reply. here is my reply, with the original request below it:

i was initially keen to be involved in and to support this website. however i have since learned more about the values maintained on the forums and no longer wish to have any involvement at all.

in fact i would very much appreciate having my membership/profile removed if that is possible.

although the people who have helped me to come to this decision use seemingly polite and "nice" language they espose views and values that are deeply offensive to me. i experience it as passive-aggression and am saddened that it goes unchallenged and un-moderated to the extent that it does.

of course this is not everybody on the boards, but of course there is a hierarchy (as there always is, whether overt or covert, in any group of humans). many of those with social power amongst the membership of this forum have such opposing values to my own, and communicate these in such disempowering and destructive ways, that i have stopped taking part in discussions here and have found other places to build my poly networks.

i realise that one or two notable members have tried hard to challenge on these issues, and i have huge respect for them as a result. i have other challenges/priorities going on in my life and have made a decision to simply withdraw for now, for my own sake.

nonetheless i wish you all the best with your project, and look forward to a future with better mutual respect and understanding.

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion
Hey Dakid,

I have a question for you. Back around New Years, you and Fidelia had volunteered to help out with editing or proofing articles for the nex site upgrade.

We have an idea about taking some of the nugget threads as source material for articles, but most of them would require taking a thread full of meandering thoughts from several posters, and consolidating them into a coherent Article.

So, the staff is wondering if you'd be interested at all in expanding the editing role to that process of splicing certain nugget threads into some articles. I know it's a little more involved that proofing, but you guys had expressed an interest in the project so we wanted to see if you were game.


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