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Old 10-19-2013, 04:34 PM
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Default Tale of the Unicorn

Okay so I am new here today is my first day and this is my first post. I am a unicorn thru and thru. I love couples. I love seeing the dynamic between two people and sort of filling in and finding were I am a good fit. Is beautiful, compersion, being complimentary.. helping to fullfill some desires that aren't prestent in the existing dynamic. And falling in love with two people..its truley amazing.
I have been dating this couple for about 4 mos or so. WE all made a mistake and started things to fast. Long story short...she and I fell in love, him and I were building a relationship slowly but in a good direction. Decided on " alone" time with both me and her and him and I. That turned thing ugly. He got jelious of me and her. She got insecure about him and I's quality of relationship. Because of his weird jelious actions I decided to put our relationship on pause..till we could see where all the jeliousy was comming from. When he found that out..that i wanted a pause... he freaked and ended the whole thing. Gave wife an ultimatum of never talk to me or they divorce....she agreed to that. We were all heart broken.
1 month later, they call and want to talk.
We transition into friendship..even though its difficult for all of us.
Crazy turn of events happen..she has some type of relationship identiy crisis 48 hr "break" from her husband. Then reconnects.
So they can reconnect, they ask me again..for space and no contact.
I text a simple "good morning". they freak out.
Again..no contact for 1 week
Now again they ask me to come over... they say..we wanted you out of our lives romantically however there are to many signs pointing in a different direction. ( I was matched with her and them on okc, they have tried deleting photo's of me that "magically" reappear..uhuh... they miss me..etc)
I told them I can't take on both of them at once. The trust is gone. I don't like the way the flopped me around.. in and out of their life. don't like how she consented to not talking to me even though she was " in love" with me. I don't like how i allowed myself to be this wimpering puppy waiting for them to come back to me...all of it was ugly.
But now. I am willing to give each of them a chance.. we had a long talk last night.
I said I won't date each of you at the same time to start. But I will date one and then the other and then hopefully come together to a nice triad again..I just want to see if I can be solid with each of them first.
I want this..and I want it to work..but my gutt says.. he will be jelious and weird again.. she will be flimsy with her committment to me again. Its true if there is trouble in paradise... the unicorn this beautiful warm hearted affectionate passionate creature is the fist to get thrown in the mudd. I know what I want.. I just don't see how its gonna work...
Please share.. thoughts, ideas's wisdom..expericances.. what ever.

couple privilege, doing things "right", love, unicorn, unicorn tale

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