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Old 10-04-2013, 09:15 AM
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Default "Gray-A" Asexuality

How can it be that I'm so learndid on all this terminology, alternative relationship / sexuality / etc stuff... and I've never heard this term??

Gray-A describes people who are "more or less" asexual, but it's not that they don't have sex, just that they don't really have a sex drive and don't tend to be sexually attracted to people.

In other words, me.

I learned this word at bi/pan group today, and it was one of those moments that a lot of people experience when they learn about bisexuality or polyamory. "There's a word for that?"

I always knew that I wasn't that "into sex." I enjoy it plenty when it happens, but I almost never seek it out. When I do, I usually have to talk myself up and convince my brain to convince my privates that we want to seek sex. It's very non-spontaneous. But I'm extremely easily seduced.

So for the longest time, I identified as "asexual...sometimes." I knew I wasn't completely asexual because I didn't "not have sex ever." But I also knew that my sex drive was much lower than average. I can pretty much take it or leave it. I've had periods of months and months without sex, without even noticing. Sometimes I go through phases where sex seems like more of a chore than something enjoyable.

Anyhoo, just thought I would throw this out there for discussion. I figure if I've never heard this term before, and I get around in these groups where such things are discussed, then I can't be the only one who has always felt this way and never had the right word for it.
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