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Old 10-01-2013, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
'cause nothing else hurts so good.

Truthfully if I go too long without hitting the weights, my body starts to give me little cramps that feel like withdrawal cravings, couple of quick sets with the free weights sets me right again.

Also as an interesting side note, I don't seem to get the lactic acid dumps after workouts to a significant degree, not anymore anyway. I get the muscle soreness from my lifts, but not the extended "everything-fucking-hurts-FOREVER" agony.
I am telling you, greatest work outs yet I have discovered for myself:

I recommend these steps to work your way to what I'm now doing and these are the things I did myself at first over the course of 6-7 months:

Start by doing push-ups do as many as you can before you get tired, then do those number every-single-day once a day, once you can do multiple sets of 20-push-ups throughout the day you can move on to the step


The following step is two separate exercises done around the same time together:

If you are not somewhat flexible, then learn how to be flexible especially with your legs until you can get into the Lotus Meditation Position: where you fold your legs in a cross-legged pattern like a Native American only your feet are on top of each other instead of under each other example picture below:

once in this position, the rest is simple: use your arms as your new legs to move around, you will probably be exhausted after a few seconds of this but eventually you will get better at this as this builds up your arms


This next exercise is some what simple yet can be complicated to get into the right posture: watch videos and pictures of how Chimps, Gorillas, and Orangutans walk, use these as aids to start walking on all four of your limbs both legs and arms, the easiest is walking on your palms just pretend you have four feet like a Chimp, walking on your knuckles can be some

what difficult and tricky to get right but I just think to walk as if I'm carrying some thing in my hands as I walk on them like a Gorilla, and the last may easy to do but hard to maintain by walking on your fists like an Orangutan, do all of this half throughout your daily life by alternating between walking on two legs and walking on all four limbs=this will seriously build up

your arms much in the same way as the above exercise before this one but some what easier and not as intense, once you have done both these exercises until you feel you are ready to try working out up-side-down using your arms then you are ready to move on to these two exercises in this next step


hang-up-side-down on to two poles going horizontally (side to side) and hang on using your legs legs going on top of the first pole and putting the ends of your legs under the second pole using it to keep you locked in place (I use the backs of my knee joints like hands legs crossed to lock me into place because I have only one pole in the same place) and then grab onto

the pole with both your hands and then proceed to lean back and relax your body without falling off->then use your entire body to pull your self up->repeat until you are tired, but make sure after a certain set that you flip your hands around repeat the process=I can feel the workout in my entire body almost as this works out your pull-up and chin-up muscles as

well as your sit-up muscles-->I'm using this as a building start to work my way up to UP-SIDE-DOWN-SIT-UPS AND to improve my pull-ups and chin-ups!~ ^_^


Find a wall if you can't stand straight up up-side-down on your hands, lean against the wall with your feet and legs pointing as straight up as you can while using the wall for support,->now WALK on your hands from one side to the other and repeat
the process until you get tired-->if you really want to get a crazy workout stand straight up up-side-down on your hands

using the above advice and DO UP-SIDE-DOWN-PUSH-UPS=these are crazy work outs you can feel it your arms, but ESPECIALLY the up-side-down-push-ups are BRUTAL on your arms, so far I can only do 5 before getting tired but WOW, I REALLY FELT IT!~ ^_^

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