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Old 09-24-2013, 10:41 PM
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I agree with your point.
I would say though, that if we want to encourage a new meaning to a word-it would be more functional to express our definition when we use it. Otherwise, people will gneerally assume we mean what the "norm" for the word is.

So if I walk around deciding that I'm going to use the N word with a different meaning-I'm likely to get the shit kicked out of me. Regardless of whether or not my intention is to re-frame the word to a better meaning in order to delete its negative connotation-or to be an ass.

Especially when we are already attempting to communicate within severe limitations; it seems HIGHLY counterproductive to pointedly complicate it further by insisting on using language in a way that is clearly confusing to others (and if more than 3 people out of a half dozen or so, are expressing confusion, that seems a pretty obvious sign that we're using the language in a confusing manner AT LEAST for that venue).

Where I can use MANY terms that my close friends and family would understand; those same terms are pointless here. Because people here would be LOST and confused as to what on earth I was trying to express to them.
If I am pointedly writing things that make no sense to anyone here, there is the risk of my getting banned as a spammer. The same way people who post a bunch of foreign language posts get banned as spammers.....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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