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Old 09-19-2013, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

PS - I don't think it's fair to scold anyone specifically for posting to an old thread -- especially when it is simply a general/philosophical discussion. In fact, Dirtclustit's post prompted Josie and me to add our comments, so it would seem obvious that the thread still has relevance! It's less than two years old - that is hardly "ancient!" If a new post is directed to a particular person that hasn't been here in a few years, that is a bit odd, but not a horrible thing to do. For the three years I've been a member here, we've always been encouraged by mods to do a search first and post to an existing topic before starting a new thread.

There is nothing in the User Guidelines prohibiting posting to old threads. I sincerely hope that doesn't change.

It isnt considered polite not to bring up old threads. I wasn't necessarily speaking as a mod. But as a 25 year user and administrator of forums.

No one in this thread posts anymore, or very few do. Just start a new thread, with new people and reference this as a topic. Its relatively easy.

and actually its always been discouraged, at every turn. Yes search, yes learn, no don't bring back the dead. Unless for two years they weren't saying that, this was actively enforced when I started here (in fact I watched many people get beaten with a big stick, so I was polite. I just know looking at his other threads, the two other mods both asked him to stop including other users), and is actively enforced on every forum I have ever been on or run.

2 years is ancient.. in the online world its almost a lifetime.
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