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Old 09-17-2013, 05:25 AM
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Default Poly possibly going "comitted"? help!

Well first off let me say, I just created an account here today and this is my first post. I had this problem going through my mind all day at work today and slightly (but not as intense) a week prior.

Let me rewind it back, I ended a bad relationship with my last ex 2 years ago and it made me change my views on "marriage/handfasting" (yes i'm pagan) and monogamy and decided polyamory was the most logical lifestyle for a human to live. (i believed in it, so to speak, but never practiced it) I am a man btw, and am almost 6 months into a relationship with a woman. We are both poly (even though she is my only girlfriend, she has another man a state away) but these 6 months things have been beyond terrific. I've never felt such love and respect form a person before.
But... The thought occured to me today that is this relationship continues to develop as lovely as it has, in a few years I will want more than this. I would be happy to advance our relationship further and if possible, marry her. But...this is poly! Why am I thinking this? It's what I feel, so I shouldn't hide it, but if the relationship is going to plateau so to speak....will this be it?
How do couples in poly who are feverishly in love marry, and keep a poly relationship working?

i'm talking to her about it tomorrow. (I'm not wanting to marry her now, no. I just know I could someday if this stays as growthful as it is. Thus...the problem)
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