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Old 09-06-2013, 04:09 AM
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Question Jealousy, Monogamy, Travel, and Foreign?~

I really apologize if this question has been specifically asked before, but I did not seem to have found any thing on this forum about this subject in this specific form.~

I am new to this whole 'dating' thing and I will soon be starting a life full of joyful chaotic nomadic traveling where I will be going to many different countries, experiencing many different cultures, meeting many different people, seeing many wonderful new things, and so much more!~

I am a United States of America Navy Sailor and I have yet to begin basic training.~ My life for the next 8 years will be rather interesting to say the least.~ I will be an Airman E-3 and/or a Seaman E-3 in rate after I graduate from basic training. A rate is something that not only includes how much you get paid in money, but also how many responsibilities you have as well.

My chosen MOS or Military Occupation Specialty that's another way of saying "job" will be Aerographer's Mate or AG for short.~ An Aerographer's Mate is an expert trained in meteorology and oceanography, in smaller words I study the sky, the weather, the ocean, and how they all relate together.~ I've always found watching the clouds and ocean to be interesting, now I get to study them yay!~ ^_^

As a Navy man, I will most likely be working on a ship or more and that could take me any where on this planet.~

My question really isn't a general question about jealousy or monogamy, but more of a question that has to do specifically with traveling and foreign people.~

As some one who is of the mindset where I do not want to get married, I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke anything and I find smoking in general nauseating, I do not accept the concept of "pets" only livestock and other such creatures, I do not like the idea of living in one place for long periods of time,

I do hope to raise children one day but not right now or within the next 10 years nor do I mind if it never happens, and as someone who has almost an entirely alien way of seeing love:

how different are foreign people,

I hear that many countries outside the United States still live somewhat in a 'older age' is this true and do many still cling to their old 'traditionalist' values without willingness to change,

would they see me and my way of seeing things as strange idiotic or even crazy,

is it hard to find someone who is of an open-mind especially among foreigners,

what countries where would I most likely find more 'open-minded' people,

are there many people in this world who are of the 'nomad' mindset or at least open to it or do most people want to settle down and even if they say they don't do they 'eventually want to settle down' as they may change but I might not,

is jealousy a HUGE problem especially with foreign people of a different culture because I have heard some horror stories,

or my worst fear would foreign people misunderstand me or worse use me to mean that I am nothing more than some one who is looking for a 'fling' or nothing similar to love?~

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foreign, jealousy, monogamy, travel

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