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Old 02-19-2010, 07:16 PM
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Default Understanding Yourself

I was talking to Redpepper about self discovery yesterday and this morning. I quickly jotted down how I go about learning things about myself.

I'd like to hear about how others go about self discovery. My intent of this thread is not to stimulate debate or analysis of each others approach but to collect a spectrum of approaches that people use to achieve this for themselves. With luck and openness maybe we can learn from each other through simple sharing.

Here is how I do it:

1) Recognize a need to learn about myself in a specific area (emotional triggers for example)

2) Identify the issues behind the need for learning (why do I have to deal with this? What is the impact if I do or don't?)

3) Determine if there is something that can be done or if it simply is the way it is. (I believe that there are some things in life that are definite and so there is no need to direct energy at changing them)

4) Dwell on one thing at a time. (focus on the need to learn about one thing. This avoids overload for me as I have a limited capacity to multi-think LOL!)

5) Come to an understanding within myself. (draw on the experience of others if it relates but come up with my own answers. If the are the same than great but I accept that the experiences of others are exactly that. Answers are fluid accept in very specific cases - people will have different answers for the same questions)

6) Accept what I have learned and don't question it once happy. (some things may be re-examined as life changes but I don't engage in a non stop internal or external debate. To question everything is fine for me..to question the same thing over and over is obsession)

Above all - I am confident in my understanding of how I work but I do not impose or apply that resultant understanding on others. I can listen and respect that other people will have different answers for the same questions.

I look forward to hearing how other people learn about themselves

Peace and Love

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