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Old 08-26-2013, 02:21 PM
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So, we get to introduce a new player and NRE to our happy group. I think I'm also going to change to a nickname situation, so T will be Susan, K will be Kay. Our new player will be Daley.

Daley and Susan started getting very friendly online about a year ago. Then there was trauma (Daley was in a fairly severe car accident). As they were getting back to normal, a 3rd party caused some grief between them. They were resolving that, and Daley's wife passed away. This has all happened in a year. Daley is also a jealous type and has always had issues with Susan's poly nature, and for whatever reason, Susan would rather protect his feelings/keep his interest than telling him to deal with it or go scratch.

Rewind to Friday.
Susan and I are in a public chat room, and for the first time I can remember publicly announces that she's running off private with me... just as Daley enters the room. Nice timing. Of course he throws a temper tantrum and rage quits. (Some exaggeration involved both because I'm bothered and for dramatic story purposes). Susan and I talk, and I suggest she should go talk to him, because she's just going to be a mess if she doesn't. So Friday, it's Daley 1, Dave 0.

I don't talk to her Saturday until very, very late when we exchange texts. It's very odd when we don't spend a few hours talking. What's going through my primitive lizard brain is that she's talking to him on yahoo, instead of being on our group chat. I have no way to be sure, and it's none of my business anyway.

Sunday. Our normal time together comes and goes. No sign of her. I give her a "good night" text, and get a reply. I explain if she's around I'd come talk, but otherwise it was time to sleep. I get a reply, "I just logged on and Daley invited me." Daley 2, Dave 0.

Susan swears that it's doesn't change anything, but it does. At least for now. She is at least self aware to know if the situations were reversed she'd be a mess. But that feeds into it. She's always going to be able, when picking whom to spend time with that Dave will understand, while Daley's going to act petulant.

I can only hope she gets tired of it and this is just NRE related.
Me: 43 straight male in a V with
Kay - mono female - married 18 years
Txgirl - 2 year relationship
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