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Old 08-26-2013, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
I think its kind of Luke "what would m think if n told ne all the nasty things she did to him" or the intimate details about her body etc. Or even embarrassing stuff
As an adult, it is important to respect the independent nature of peoples lives and the fact that not everyone wants their squishy fart noises shared with strangers at dinner parties. Adult humans with fully functional brains should be able to get that... it's just part of being a social human in the modern age.

My assertion is that, if I don't trust someone with my details then there is a *reason* for that. Like, I trust that IV won't share "embarrassing stuff" about me with someone who is going to use it against me or harm me with it. The issue is not that she knows "embarrassing stuff" or that she even tells someone about it... the reality of the thing is that I become concerned if it is likely to come back to haunt me. I trust that, if she thought CV might make fun of me for something that she wouldn't share that particular detail with him.

(I know her well enough to actually have some idea of who she is)

The detail itself isn't precious, it's when it is shared chaotically that it becomes an issue. If I *didn't* trust IV to be courteous with my feelings then that is a good reason not to share intimate experiences with her.

That means she would be either a stranger, or someone I know to be a bumbling idiot. In either case... why exactly would I be physically vulnerable with her in the first place?
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