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Old 02-17-2010, 09:17 PM
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Default I lost my girl

I was with two girls, one of which I was monogamous with until I came out. Too make a long story short, I came out by cheating pretty much. Then after a few days of fighting and crying we came to an agreement to be in an open-relationship. I started seeing both girls, we'll call them Jealous and Cool.
Jealous started coming around. Once in while something would bother Jealous and we would talk about it. It usually had something to do with something that Cool said or did, something so minor I could tell it was out of pure jealousy. I gave her so many chances to come around because I love her so much. Then Jealous started calling and texting Cool telling her when she can and cannot see me. Basically she started dictating my relationship with Cool and it was interfering with Cool and I. So I dumped Jealous, and it just happened to be on Valentines Day.
I was upstairs with Cool, and on our way downstairs into the living room where my brother was, we see Jealous storm through the door without knocking and she shoved a Valentines Day teddy at me and a card. I asked her nicely to please leave because she is not invited here. She started yelling in my face and became borderline violent. I got control of her by holding her arms down and pushing her slowly towards the door. She started fighting back at me and I started to say "call the police," before this turns into a blood bath. When my brother went to call the cops she grabbed the phone from him and cut him with her nails. Finally we said screw calling the cops and pushed out of the house and bolted the door shut. I am having a hard time dealing with how psycho my friend became. I'm shocked. I had to let her go, now I'm grieving. But I still got my tother girl, I'm thankful for her but I feel like I lost my best friend.
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