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Old 06-25-2009, 10:18 PM
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Default Anger

Does anyone have any advice for someone experiencing anger directed toward them from their spouse?

Case in point, my wife and I of 27 years.......8 months ago as our best friend's marriage was finally and terminally crumbling, I suggested a "V" relationship be formed with her best friend, her and I. They are not bi and both very mono. I now know that I have always been poly, but living a mono life. I have a severe loyalty streak, but that's another issue.

My wife agreed to this scenerio and the relationship began. For mental health support reasons and financial reasons, we moved our 3rd in with us, to live in the upstairs of our house. (my wife was not able to envision a shared bed arrangement).

It has been a blessing for all involved. We all get along great and function wonderfully as one big happy family. Nights are alternated by me between the two women. The house runs beautifully, we are all truly best friends.

The problem....lately my wife has been teeming with anger toward me, especially the morning after I am with our 3rd. She harbors it, later voices it, but can't say why. It appears she honestly doesn't know why. It is distressing to us other two and now beginning to affect our relationship some.

I have suggested counseling to my wife and that now appears to be a viable alternative. We have tried talking about it, but never seem to cover any new ground. She voices her anger, but doesn't know why she is feeling that way.

Any thoughts, anyone?
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