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Old 08-13-2013, 11:11 PM
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The IM went ping. Discussions were opened. The upshot is C wants an DADT with A. He won't ask for info and I won't offer. Fine by me. That was it really, he reiterated his discomfort about the BDSM scene and how it was not his thing. He is very strong and dominate in bed but not into the spanking or paddling with anything but a hand, works for me my preference too. He also wants to me shut down on meeting anyone new for a while. Also fine, as my Master's program is getting very demanding and ex flakier than usual with taking the kids. I haven't had a dating profile up for a while, no time right now.

I am seeing A tonight for a bit. I should be studying but need some male adult time.

I am relieved things will be pretty much returning to normal.
Me: mid 40s female.
Prof: late 50s. 5+ years. On again, off again lover
Mr PoD: early 50s. Meet recently. Kinky Dom
Mr Dom: early 50s . Ex BF and now good friend.
Eeyore: early 50s. FWB for 3+ years.
Mr Chef: late 30s. occasional FB?
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