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Old 02-10-2010, 03:30 PM
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Default I have been outed!!

*this is pretty much copied from my livejournal.*

So I recieved this yesterday from my mother, on Facebook:

Just had a really strange message from a complete stranger via facebook about you. It was a guy who called himself John Smith who knows if it was his real name. He said some crap about I should know that you are destroying your life and I should know that you are not "mono" and that you have been involved in a "poly" relationship for ages. I spammed it and did not reply. Do you know him and is he a crank or is it someone trying to tell me something I already know? A freak me thinks!

I am utterly confused.

Who the heck would want to do something like that? What would it achieve? I do have suspicions but I won't go into that here.

But more importantly I am panicking about what to do. I know that this means I will be completely outed to my parents soon... a good two or three years earlier than I had intended! My mum is clearly going into her denial thing that she does when she hears something she doesn't like (by convincing herself it's a prank.) This is never a good sign. I always intended to come out eventually.... but God, not yet!

So obviously I COULD deny it, say it's not true and leave it at that. But then - I can never really tell them. Because if I lie, and then come out later, it will be a lot worse then. So I feel I have been pushed into a corner where I have to make a decision - now, or never,

The answer, obviously, is looking like "now."

This has completely floored me. Totally, completely out of the blue and unexpected. Aside from feeling incredibly angry, hurt and betrayed, I am also having to weigh up a VERY tough decision about what to do now.

I've told her we'll talk about it when xmakina is present, neither confirming or denying the "accusations." That buys me a few days and means I don't have to do this thing alone.

Oh my gosh. I was not prepared for this.

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