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Old 07-22-2013, 07:55 PM
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Default can we still date if i dont like his wife?

So some of you have read my posts and may find this a little redundant...and galagirl has been really really helpful so might tell me to knock it off.. but here goes anyway. BF and I have been together about five months, things have gone back and forth with how his wife feels. How it stands right now, my spouse and I tried to make a connection with her and its fallen flat. She tells me she likes me, and is fine with BF and I...but wont hang around me and when her plans fall through gets upset he still has plans with me instead of hanging with her (this is coming from him). i had this ideal of us all being friendly, but now its just me and bf, or me bf and spouse. on top of that, he seems to really appreciate how nice and supportive I am of him while telling he how she ignores him to be on OKCupid, makes dates on their anniversary, and tells him hes failing at things. its hard to respect a relationship that seems like its so down on by BF, and feel secure in the fact that his wanting time with her comes first, when it seems like she doesnt want any time with him.

Can this work if his wife nad i just stay out of each others hair, and only he interacts with me, spouse, and our kids? And Im not sure how to deal with the jealousy that he wants time with her so badly while she isnt giving it to him. he'll say things to me like "i'll stay home with her, then she's just on OKC all night when i could be out havign fun with you". He can tell im bummed, but I dont even know what to say to him.

She also suggested he try OKC, when he has enough trouble juggling the two of us.
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