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Old 02-02-2010, 07:56 PM
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Default Quad Family

First...I'm calling my husband Easy, my boyfriend Sunday, and my girlfriend Asha. My teenager I'm calling Moose (because he likes to say it, not because he resembles one), my 11yo daughter Monkey, and I'm still working on names for Asha's children.

My quad went en masse to a birthday party this weekend...our children have many of the same friends, so it's not that unusual for us to get invited together. Moose did not attend, but the younger three were there. It was a skating party, and Sunday was having a great time showing the kids how to skate. I love it when he gets to do activities like this, it makes him feel young and that shows in his attitude. Normally he's very mellow, laid back, and it's tough to tell what he's thinking, but when he's skating or biking he's obviously happy.

I very much enjoyed playing mother to Asha's four yo. I openly admit that I liked it when my kids were that young, and while I enjoy their independence now, there's just something about playing with a baby that makes me happy. We walked up and down on the carpeted area and looked at the video games while Asha and Easy socialized with the other parents.

I did feel a little envious of Asha and Easy. They're so comfortable with each other, but I often feel like Sunday just doesn't know what to do with me. He assures me that that isn't true, that he's just very introverted, but I still can't help wishing that he would kiss me or otherwise show affection for me like Easy does for Asha. I pointed out to Sunday that they openly kiss each other hello and goodbye, and I said that I would like that for us. He indicated that he didn't know if he'd feel comfortable with that.

I had a hard time figuring out what was an appropriate level of affection to show for Asha in public. I envy Easy's ability to just be himself and not worry about it. I was briefly entertained when I was giving Asha a back rub and encountered Sunday's hand on her as well...I don't know why I thought that was funny, but I did.

Afterward, we went out to lunch with everyone from the party, and then we split up to run errands. Sometimes being a group of four adults means that more things get done! (Most of the time it doesn't, though. LOL)

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